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Monument Toilet Plunger

High displacement for toilets and gulleys. Easily cleaned bellows design allows force to be directed around the u-bend. For Toilets and gulleys.

The Monument black plastic Master Toilet Plunger MP1600 is specifically designed for unblocking and relieving slow running wastes in toilets and gullies. The bellows design has a high cubic centimetre displacement which is far more efficient than a traditional force cup style plunger. In use the plunger is designed to locate itself at the entry to the toilet bend and then a single push forward forces a large amount of air into the system to move any blockage.

The plunger is then pulled back so as to suck the waste water upwards which helps clear the drain of any blockage quickly and efficiently. In case there are other outlets such as adjoining toilets make sure these are out of use as foul water can be ejected into unwanted areas. The plunger has a removable handle to help make cleaning and disinfecting the MP1600 easierafter each use.

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