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Monument Tools > Monument 42mm PVC cutter

Monument 42mm PVC cutter

Made from pressure diecast body. All parts liable to wear are heat treated. Fluted handle fitted with a spare wheel (4-28mm).

Strongly made with ratchet for most plastic pipes in the plumbing and electrical trades (42mm).
The Monument 2645T plastic pipe and tube cutter is designed for use by professional plumbing installers, heating and ventilation engineers and electricians.

It is used to cut plastic pipes of diameters up to 42mm and the ratchet mechanism is designed to facilitate a square cut on various types of plastic pipe and tube including plastic conduit and plastic plumbing overflow pipe.

It is very effective on PVC, polybutylene, MDP, polyethylene, HEP2O, plastic overflow pipe, plastic electrical conduit, MT Supertube, mini trunking, rubber hose, pneumatic pipe and electrical sleeving. The tool is made from steel for strength and longevity.

The cutting blade is made from stainless steel and can be replaced easily.

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