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They say that a good workman never blames his tool, well here at Monument Tools we ensure you never should with our wide range of reliable and efficient equipment that make even the toughest jobs simple. Productive living is all about being properly equipped and equally prepared, here at Monument we aim to ensure that you are always equipped for whatever your task may be.

Monument is an innovative and reliable, privately-owned company with an exclusive product range that includes only the bestselling plumbing tools that are both advanced and powerful. The product range includes equipment such as pipe cutters, tap re-setters, wrenches, manometers, manhole keys and drain rods. All which help assist in the building, maintenance and repair the mechanical world that we live in.

The following plumbing product groups all form part of an extensive and versatile range, many which are made in Britain, guaranteeing only the highest quality of plumbing tools.

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