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Monument Tools > Monument 15mm & 22mm Compression Fitting Olive Puller

Monument 15mm & 22mm Compression Fitting Olive Puller

Patented tool for removing olives. Engages with 14tpi thread of the compression fitting (15mm 22mm 3/4in.)

The Monument 2036T is a patented tool used for removing 15mm & 22mm compression fitting olives. The two threaded bushes engage into the female thread of the compression fitting nut that is prevented from coming off by the olive itself.
The tool works by engaging the tool in the end of the copper pipe and then winding the appropriate bush (15mm and 22mm included) counter clockwise until it stops at the olive to be removed. The threaded bush is then screwed into the compression nut that is held captive on the pipe on the other side of the olive. Then by rotating the handle clockwise the compression fitting nut is drawn up the pipe and pulls the olive off the pipe without damaging it.
This tool is much easier and neater to use than a hacksaw for removing the olive and with none of the intrinsic risk of damaging the pipe. Dependent on how the original compression fitting was tightened it is possible to re-use the pipe or tube once the olive is removed to replace a valve or fitting with a new one. This can only be done if the outside walls of the pipe have not been compressed and remain perfectly parallel.

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