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Monument Tools > Monument Stikfast Washers (Pack of 5)

Monument Stikfast Washers (Pack of 5)

Double sided adhesive washer saves time – sticks taps or fittings in place leaving hands free for assembly. Universal size for taps, monoblocs etc. (50mmx21mm).

A plumber’s third hand. Centralising, anti-swivel, acrylic washers. Double sided adhesive washer sticks the tap or fittings in place leaving both hands free for threading and tightening backnuts. Universal size for 1/2in. and 3/4in. taps, monoblocs, tank connectors, ball valves and toilet seat fixings. Time saving when installing new taps. Essential when replacing old taps and fittings in-situ. Double up for undulating china surfaces. External diameter 50mm, Internal hole size 21mm. Cut incisions for larger hole diameters.

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