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Monument Tools > Monument Double Ended Spanner 28 & 32mm

Monument Double Ended Spanner 28 & 32mm

Double ended plated steel box spanners for quick assembly of tap back nuts on basins. Includes tommy bar (3240U A/F 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13mm.

The Monument 3240U 8-9-10mm & 11-12-13mm Mono Tap Back Nut Spanner Set is designed specifically for the tightening and loosening of the nuts used on modern Monobloc taps.
These nuts are found at the base of the taps and thread on to exceptionally long tails which makes these long (175mm) box spanners the perfect tool to carry out the job effectively.
The Set contains three double ended box spanners and includes a tommy bar to help apply extra pressure when needed. Box Spanner sizes are 8x10mm, 9x11mm and 12x13mm.

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