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Monument DIY Tap Re-seater

With two double ended plastic bushes. Fits popular taps & inch. Comes with three case hardened cutters 17, 19, & 25mm.

The Monument 450P is a Tap Re-seater for inch and inch taps. Basins are normally fitted with inch taps and baths with inch but there will be other situations where these taps are fitted, E.g. an outside tap in the garden.

If a tap leaks it wastes water and the most common reason for this is that the tap washer has worn out, but renewing that will not always solve the dripping tap problem, as it is likely that the seat of the tap is worn as well.

The Monument 450P comes with 2 parallel bushes each with a coarse and fine thread to suit the two different threads normally encountered on taps. The user chooses the correct thread on the bushes and screws this into the tap body and then chooses a suitable cutter that will cover entirely the seat being cut. Three different cutters are supplied 17, 19 and 25mm diameter 11/16in, 3/4in and 1in.
Made in Britain

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