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Monument Tools > Monument Copper Pipe Bending Machine 15 & 22mm

Copper Pipe Bending Machine

Bends Copper and stainless plumbing pipe. Formers marked with bending angles of 30, 45 and 90 with 15mm and 22mm Copper pipe and 15mm Stainless pipe.

The Monument 15mm and 22mm Copper Pipe Bender is designed to professionally bend BSEN1057 15mm 22mm copper pipe and 15mm stainless steel tube.

The aluminium formers are marked with bending angles of 30 45 and 90 degree offset allowing for accurate bending.

The Monument Pipe Bender is supplied with replaceable 15mm and 22mm aluminium bending guides.
The Monument Pipe Bender can also be used with the MON2626 2626M Bending Arm Extension allowing for easier bending of 22mm pipe.

Replacement guides, formers and hook stops are available separately.

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