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Monument Tools > Channellock® 442 12in. 300mm V-Jaw Water Pump Plier

Channellock® 442 12in. 300mm V-Jaw Water Pump Plier

Right angled laser heat-treated teeth – better grip and longer life. Non slip undercut tongue & groove. Channellock grips for comfort (CHL432A 250x51mm Jaw / CHL442D 300x57mm Jaw / CHL463J 400x 108mm Jaw).

7 Adjustments 57mm Jaw Capacity. Right angle, laser heat-treated teeth grip better and last longer. Undercut tongue & groove design won’t slip. V-Jaws give you more points of contact on round stock and tubing. Patented reinforcing edge minimizes stress breakage. PermaLock® fastener eliminates nut and bolt failure. CHANNELLOCK® uses high-carbon C1080 steel for superior performance on the job and electronic coating for ultimate rust prevention. CHANNELLOCK BLUE® grips for comfort.

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