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Monument Tools > Monument 15mm Automatic Copper Pipe Cutter 15PC

Monument 15mm Automatic Copper Pipe Cutter 15PC

Cuts copper pipe – particularly in difficult places. Strongly made – outer ABS plastic casing houses the inside steel mechanism (15mm)

The Monument 15PC Automatic Copper Tube and Pipe Cutter is specifically designed to cut 15mm copper pipe in areas with restricted access. It is made in Britain using a strong ABS plastic case and an internal mechanism made from steel. In use the 15PC is placed directly on to the copper tube at the point where the cut is desired and the gate of the tool is closed over the pipe to engage the rotating blade ready to make the cut. This design significantly reduces the likelihood of the tool dropping off the pipe in use. The tool is then rotated in either direction to cut through the copper pipe. The cutting wheel of 15PC can be replaced with a MONW15PC. The Monument 15R ratchet handle can also be used with the 15PC to further aid in the cutting of 15mm copper pipe in places where access to the pipe is restricted.

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